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Helping you to build brands that people love and trust with faith-based principles. Let's ensure your brand is delivering the right message and resonating with your target audience.

Core Offers

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Personal Branding (Group Programme)

Embrace your purpose with your
God-given gifts and strengths.

4th Intake starts end of July 2024
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Customised Personal Branding

Individualised and direct support from me to hit your goals faster!

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Business Branding

Strategic positioning for your business to grow and scale to the next level. 

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About me

I help senior business leaders discover their purpose and build their brand reputation with Christian principles.

I have 20+ years of experience in the military, psychology, startups, communication and coaching fields.

With my postgraduate experience in occupational psychology, positive psychology, and certifications in NLP, MBTI, 16PF, counselling, etc

I provide 1 on 1 coaching and group training for newly promoted business leaders who want to cultivate confidence and build their reputation ethically.

I also speak at panels, company events, universities and conferences.

I am honoured to be recognised as:
- 1000 Most Phenomenal Women
- Most Inspirational Women
- I am a Superwoman

by Her Excellency, Professor Dr. Pauline Long at the University of Westminster, London in July 2023.

Most recently, I was handpicked as an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine and CXposé.tech.

I also used to look like a tomboy and didn’t learn how to wear make-up until I was in my 30s. 😜

Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor
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Hire me as a speaker

I talk about
- Personal branding
- Purpose-driven leadership

for senior business leaders and how it impacts their companies and their teams. 

Reach out using the contact form. 

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